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Friends Near and Far by Carol Wood PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This diverse and brilliant collection of original compositions by Carol Wood is for intermediate harp players. All of the pieces in this collection are in the C key signature with no sharps or flats, but since they are in a variety of modes, the harmonies are different in each piece. There are no fingerings, and only a few G# lever changes in the Dafydd pieces.

"Epithalamion" is a wedding recessional/fanfare in the key of C, appropriate for modern weddings, too.
"Lullaby for Carmen" is in the key of G mixolydian, easy, flowing and relaxing.
"The Witches' Tea Party" is in the key of A minor with parallel 4ths and 5ths, in 12/8 time going to 4/4 and back again -- very effective.
"Nemed: The Sacred Grove" is contemplative and flowing music in 3/4 time hovering around A minor and E minor, ending in C major.
"Duet for Dafydd" has jazzy rhythms in 12/8 changing to 4/4, then a return to the 12/8 jazzy feel. Basically in A minor with a G-sharp accidental. This duet can be played on harp and keyboard or two harps. There is a solo version, as well.

The neo-medieval suite "The Feast" was inspired by the book Fast and Feast by Bridget Henisch. It contains 4 pieces:
"The Procession of Courses" is a trumpet type fanfare imitating the heralding in of individual courses of food.
"The Lovers Glances" (lovers not seated with each other steal glances during the long meal) is a wistful piece in 3/4 time, key of D minor.
"The Dance" is a presto movement in the key of A minor in 3/4 changing to 6/8 time with tympanic sounds.
"The Sotelty and the Wafer" (the cook's pièce de résistance), the final piece in this suite, is a stately and bright 4/4 in the key of F Lydian.

"The Eve of St. Agnes" is a 4-movement suite based on Keats' medieval fairy tale of lovers whose families are enemies, running away together into a bitter January night.
"St. Agnes' Eve" in the key of A minor, has harmonics and tremolo. "The Dancers" in D Dorian has a drone bass throughout with dotted rhythms in the RH.
"Madeline Dreaming" is in 3/4 G Mixolydian with large flowing chords in the RH.
"Into the Storm" is a flowing 3/4 piece in the key of A minor with a tremolo at the end. Keats' poem follows this suite.

The lowest note in some of the pieces is the G, an octave-and-a-half below middle C. Other pieces require 2 octaves below middle C.

This 51-page PDF includes 34 pages of music, and Keats' 8-page The Eve of St Agnes poem.

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