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Deborah Henson-Conant's 2010 second edition is subtitled: A Fun How-To Guide to Amplification for Beginners with a special focus on amplifying harps.

The Gurl's* Guide explains it all in plain language, with lots of Deborah's drawings (and humor!) to show you how a simple sound system fits together, including the basic concepts behind how it all works. She tells you how to put together your own system, how to communicate with sound engineers, and much more! This 2nd edition has lots of new features, including a reference section with Deborah's own checklists, tech riders and stage diagrams. This is a great book for anyone -- both those just starting to amplify, and performers who already work with sound systems. 106 pages, spiral-bound.

As Deborah says, "Now go forth and amplify!"

The "Gurl" is that part of your brain that sticks fingers in its ears and sings "La-la-la-la!" whenever things get too technical. It's the part of us - everyone, regardless of gender or age - that says: "OK, I see how you get from Point A to Point B. But ... how do you get to Point A??" The "Gurl's Guide..." is a travel guide to Point A.

This PDF is 110 pages.

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