Pedal or Lever Harp

Hanter Dro Suite: Breton Country Dances PDF Download by Kathleen Blackwell-Plank

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For lever or pedal harp.

Hanter Dro is a traditional dance from Pays Vannetais in Brittany, the Celtic region of France. It is danced in a circle, alternating men and women, with elbows linked in the "fortress hold" or chain. This foot dance has a "quick, quick, slow, slow" rhythm with a little bounce in steps. Hanter Dro was a dance used when the community gathered to beat the earth floor of a new home or a threshing floor. This was a time to dance, celebrate, and pound the floor to prepare for use.

Kathleen Blackwell-Plank's late beginner or early intermediate arrangement for lever or pedal harp uses two different traditional Breton tunes, "Hanter Dro de Languidig" and "Hanter Dro." The variations are in A minor and use the special harp technique of près de la table or playing near the soundboard. A historical sketch is provided, along with dance directions.

This 7-page PDF includes 3 pages of music. The length of the piece is 3 minutes.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as regular printed music. It is only available here in this PDF download format.

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