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Harp Crossings by Diana Stork PDF Download

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For Latin, lever or pedal harp.

Harp Crossings: from North to South America and Back Again includes 11 of Diana Stork's Latin-inspired compositions featuring a variety of fun, syncopated rhythms. The tempos range from slow to fast, so they are perfect for a variety of harp performances. Diana includes a glossary page explaining how to play the special South-American harp techniques.

Two of the pieces, St. Martin's Tango and Campanas de Boda (Wedding Bells) have both solo and harp duet arrangements. She also includes two arrangements of Lamento Apureño: a traditional version, and her own unique variations.

Keys range from 1 flat through 1 sharp. C# or G# levers are set in advance on a few pieces. There are only a few lever changes within the music. Chord symbols are included in some arrangements for optional improvisations. There are no fingerings.

Diana also includes a link in the introduction telling you how to listen to computer recordings of the music on her web site.

This 66-page PDF includes 60 pages of music for intermediate players.

Here's how Diana describes this music.
This collection of compositions is mainly inspired by my deep attraction to and affinity for a variety of harp traditions from Latin America. The music of the Latin arpistas drew me in with its fun and unique rhythms, and open-hearted expression. It has continued to be a source of inspiration and a path for my ever-deepening relationship with music.
The Latin harp traditions are historically male-dominated; and it is my hope that by offering these Latin-inspired harp compositions more female harpists will enjoy playing these pieces and want to further explore these traditions.

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