Pedal or Lever Harp

Harp Moments SERIES by Anna Dunwoodie PDF Downloads

  • Volume 1 PDF
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  • Volume 2 PDF
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For lever or pedal harp.

Harp Moments, Volume 1
Volume 1 includes 15 original tunes for beginning lever harpists of all ages composed and arranged by Anna Dunwoodie. Keys range from 1 flat to 2 sharps. This music explores many time signatures and rhythms while enjoying lovely lyrical melody lines. and a few little techniques such as grace notes and two and three note chords. The music ranges from the lyrical lullaby to a jaunty wee tango and everything in between! Fingerings are not included. The PDF is 19 pages, including 15 pages of music.

Harp Moments, Volume 2 Moments Vol 2
Volume 2 includes 16 original tunes composed by Anna Dunwoodie. This is a step up from Volume 1, and designed to keep the late beginner and early intermediate lever harpist with busy fingers. Tunings range from 3 flats to 2 sharps, some with pre-set levers and some with not too difficult lever changes in the tune. There are many different styles from gentle airs to a wee Irish jig and a tune depicting a train ride across the prairie. There are no fingerings. This 24-page PDF includes 19 pages of music.

Click on the blue titles below to see a sample of the first few lines of music.

  • Harp Moments Volume 1
  • Waltz for Ming
  • Hine e Hine
  • The Fairy Lullaby
  • The Rolling Wave
  • Tilly's Waltz
  • Tribal Land
  • On the Prowl
  • Jack Frost
  • Winter Waltz
  • Falling Leaves
  • Senor Limpy
  • Waltz of the Raindrops
  • In a Moment
  • Pink Flamingos
  • A Little Thyme

  • Harp Moments Volume 2
  • A Day in the Sun
  • The Cat's Pyjamas
  • Moroccan Rain
  • Alley Cat
  • The Music Box
  • Prairie Train Amble
  • Cool Cat
  • The Snow Queen
  • Bedouin Tents
  • Party Time
  • Albertine
  • Copy Cat
  • Little Ballerinas
  • Little Minx
  • Under the Stars
  • Walking on the Moon

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