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Historical Harp Collection #3 by Nancy Hurrell - PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This is the third volume of Nancy Hurrell's exquisite and historical arrangements of early music for the harp. This volume includes eight solos and six harp ensembles of music from the 13th to the 17th centuries. These are some of the best-loved early songs and dances, such as Dowland's Lachrimae pavan, Josquin's haunting Milles regretz and Queen Elizabeth I's favorite dance, La Volta. The music is playable on lever harps and single-row historical harps, with useful notes given on history, composers and performance.

From catchy rhythms of medieval estampies to the Spanish fabordón's dramatic chords, these interesting pieces add variety to solo and ensemble repertoire. A fun ensemble version of La Rosa Enflorece with middle-eastern flavor, has parts for a singer and viol player. All the harp ensembles have been performed in concerts by students in the Brandeis University Early Music Ensemble and were also played in workshops at the Somerset Harp Festival.

For intermediate harp players. There are no fingerings. Keys range from 2 flats through 1 sharp. Lever changes are noted in the music. This 103-page PDF includes 86 pages of music, and 5 pages of helpful notes on the composers, sources, history, and music. The ensemble arrangements include a score as well as the individual parts.

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Harp solos

  • La Manfredina / La Rotta - Anon., 14th century
  • Giunta vaga biltá - Francesco Landini (c.1325-97)
  • La Quarte Estampie Royal - Anon., Chansonnier du Roi, 13th century
  • Philip's Dump - Philip van Wilder (c.1500-53)
  • Lachrimae pavan - John Dowland (1563-1626)
  • Pavana - Luis de Milán (c.1500-61), El maestro, 1536
  • Fabordón Glosado VII - Anon., Libro de Cifra Nueva, Henestrosa, 1557
  • Fantasia - Santa Maria (c.1515-70), Arte de tañer Fantasia, 1565

Ensembles for 3 harps

  • Adieu mes amours - Josquin des Prez (1450-1521), Odhecaton, 1501
  • Canción del Emperador: Mille regretz - Josquin/ Narváez, Los seys libros del delphín, 1538
  • Ave Maris Stella - Francisco Palero (d.1597), Libro de Cifra Nueva, 1557

Ensembles for 4 harps

  • Nido d'Amore - Fabritio Caroso (c.1530-1605), Nobiltà di Dame, 1600
  • La Volta / Volte - William Byrd (1539-1623), Fitzwilliam Virginal Book / Michael Praetorius (1571-1612), Terpsichore, 1612

Ensemble for 4 harps, voice, and viol

  • La Rosa Enflorece - Traditional medieval Ladino Song

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