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Historical Harp Collection #1 by Nancy Hurrell PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Nancy Hurrell performs on Renaissance harp as a solo performer and also as a member of an early music group, giving concerts throughout the US and Canada. Nancy is a harp consultant for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, assisting with the historical harp collection. She is also the director of the Historical Harp Society's Harp Survey Project, cataloguing early harps. She brings all of this knowledge together in this book of popular cantigas and Renaissance dances arranged for harp. The music is playable on historical, lever, or pedal harp. Nancy also includes useful notes on sources and performance practices. The ornamentation is written in the music, but lever or pedal changes are omitted. There are 14 solos and two 3-part ensembles. A majority of the pieces are in the key of C, with a few in 1 sharp or 1 flat. There are no fingerings. 77 pages.

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  • Cantiga no. 29: Nas mentes senpre teer (Spain 13th century)
  • Cantiga no. 56: Gran dereit (Spain 13th century)
  • Cantiga no. 100: Santa Maria, strela do Dia (Spain 13th century)
  • Ensemble for 3 harps: Cantiga no. 282: Par Deus (Spain 13th century)
  • Combien que j'aie ensoie (14th century)
  • Pavana alla venetiana (Joan Ambrosio Dalza)
  • Balletto, belo da balar (Vincenzo Capirola)
  • Branle Pinagay (Thoinot Arbeau)
  • Nido d'Amore (Fabritio Caroso)
  • Doria Colonna (Fabritio Caroso)
  • Il Bianco Fiore (Cesare Negri)
  • Pavaniglia (Cesare Negri)
  • Italiana (17th century)
  • Le Campane di Parigi (17th century)
  • Spagnoletta (17th century)
  • Ensemble for 3 harps: Courante CLXXXIII (Michael Praetorius)

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