Kart-a-Bag Folk Harp Cart
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Kart-a-Bag Folk Harp Cart

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Hooray! This collapsible dolly is perfect for hauling your folk harp around. We would not suggest this for your pedal harp, but this compact dolly will make maneuvering your folk harp through the most congested of areas a lot easier. Weighing only 16 pounds, the Kart-a-Bag is a light and easy-to-use dolly which can carry up to a 300-pound load. 48 in height with an almost 16" x 13" base, the Kart-a-Bag comes with two bungee cords to help secure your folk harp. It is constructed of heavy duty aluminum rods and double thick chrome plated steel wire, hand welded for extraordinary strength. Solidly built, the Kart-a-Bag's telescoping handles can easily and quickly fold the dolly down to the size of 16" x 21". An added feature of this wonderful cart is the rear platform. With two 3 swivel casters, the back platform may be folded down into a locked position to function as a 4-wheel dolly for added stability, as shown here with a Dusty Strings FH36 Harp. (Harp and case not included.) Our Kart-A-Bag carts are now custom-fitted with an improved extended handle with 2 rubber bike-type grips for comfort and easier maneuverability.

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Made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

The photo above shows the Kart-a-Bag with a Dusty Strings FH36 harp in its red case. The case is NOT included with the Kart-A-Bag.