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Harp Ensemble Book by Beth Kollé PDF Download

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Eleven Enchanting Ensemble Pieces for Every Harper

For lever or pedal harp.

This PDF is an excellent resource for multi-level ensembles and teachers who wish to play duets with their students. It includes 6 duets and 5 trios, all arranged by Beth Kollé except for Polonaise, which was arranged by Sue Richards. It includes suggestions for ensemble rehearsal, tips for playing together, and various ways of splitting up the parts to suit individuals in the group. Keys range from 1 flat to 1 sharp. No fingerings. In some of the ensembles, each harpist only plays one hand. 109 pages.

Here's what Beth says about Copyright Issues:
You have my permission to make up to 3 copies of each page for your group's use in practice and performance only. If more copies are needed, please purchase another book. Be honest - you know I have spies in the Harp World!

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