Lotus Design Music Stand Lights

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  • PRO 6 Light
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  • PRO 14 Light
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We've been carrying these powerful, cord-free and rechargeable Lotus Lights for many years, and our customers love them. We are proud to announce that their latest generation lights are now even better!

* They now use the innovative CREE LED, which produces a warmer, more pleasant white light and is more energy efficient. Unlike other lights, they use many closely spaced LEDs to spread the light evenly and avoid shadows and glare.

* The battery "Fuel Gauge" gives you the peace of mind of knowing how much battery power is available.

* Convenient "push button" switch cycles 3 light levels.

* The Lithium Polymer battery now has 30% more capacity for longer run time.

These amazing lights were specifically designed for music stands. They use the most advanced battery technology. It is the only light powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Like other modern mobile devices, just plug the included power supply into the light to recharge the battery. The power supply adapts to the line voltage you plug into, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Lotus Light PRO 6 - This smaller model has 6 CREE LEDs in a 6.5" shade, and illuminates 2 full pages of music. With its powerful Lithium Polymer Battery it will run for up to 13 hours. It weighs 8 ounces. A padded neoprene travel pouch and power supply are included.

Lotus Light PRO 14 - This larger model has 14 CREE LEDs in a 13" shade, and completely floods a 3 or 4 page score. With its powerful Lithium Polymer Battery it will run for up to 6.5 hours. It weighs 8.5 ounces. A padded neoprene travel pouch and power supply are included.

All of the information below applies to both models. Lotus Light

Pure White Light: The first thing most people notice is the quality of the light itself. Lotus Lights use a special hybrid LED which is designed to diffuse the light so there are no hot spots or voids. These LEDs produce a natural, pure white color. It is not yellow like an incandescent bulb. It is not blue like fluorescent light or cheaper LEDs. In fact, it is the same color temperature as the flash on a typical camera. These LEDs don't get hot, and with a service life rating of over 100,000 hours, they will never need replacing.

Stiff and Flexible Arm: The light shade is connected to a 10" long flexible arm so you can direct the light exactly were you want it. The custom designed arm is stiff enough to stay where you adjust it.

Lithium Polymer Battery Power: Lithium polymer batteries have big advantages over older style batteries. Most lights use disposable alkaline batteries which are costly and toxic to the environment. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are common, but they do not hold as much power as lithium polymer batteries and they lose their charge rather quickly.

Lotus Light Controlled Power: Lotus Light's engineers designed a "smart" circuit board which controls the charging and the discharging of the battery. It uses a "smart" charging chip so you can recharge the battery in less than 2 hours. The current going to the LED array is controlled by a "smart" voltage regulator which maintains the light output at a constant level until the battery is nearly discharged. All other lights gradually get dimmer as the batteries run down.

Versatility: The Lotus Light's padded jaws open wide enough to clamp onto anything up to 3/4" thick. The preloaded torsion spring provides a good grip on thin metal stands. The clamp can be detached from the battery case. This makes it more compact to store and more useful for other applications such as lighting artwork on a wall.

Use it Anywhere in the World: Your Lotus Light comes with a specially designed AC adapter for charging the lithium polymer battery. It automatically switches to match the current you plug into (110 to 250 volt) so you can use it anywhere in the world. For added convenience we designed the power supply with an extra long cord.

Compact and Durable: Lotus Light is compact and the LEDs are not fragile. You can throw it in your instrument case or gig bag.

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