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The Harp Constellation by William Mahan PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This is a fine collection of eight original compositions by William Mahan, plus one arrangement of a romantic Spanish piece. The arrangements are for intermediate players.

Calypso Star imitates a fanfare, key of G major, one page.

Erin's Star is a flowing and pastoral 6/8 piece in G major (1 sharp). It is light as a feather and very pretty. There are two C# lever changes in the music. Five pages long.

You Are My Star is a simple and sweet two-page piece in G major (1 sharp), with the right hand playing mostly single notes.

Venus Rising has a tender, romantic right hand melody which is complimented by the left hand accompaniment. In the key of G major (1 sharp), six pages.

Aquarius the Water Bearer creates the sound of a running brook from the right and left hands trading off a series of eighth notes. Two pages, in the key of A minor. It has one F and G lever change within the music.

Cassiopeia is late-romantic sounding, almost reminiscent of a Tchaikowsky piano concerto. It is four pages in A major (3 sharps). There are several F# lever changes in the music.

Orion's Song has a sparse yet pleasant melody. It is in the key of G major (1 sharp), and has two C lever changes within the music. Two pages.

Montana Stars has an uplifting melody with an active left hand accompaniment. It is two pages, in the key of G major (1 sharp).

The Star of Andalucia is a wonderfully simple three-page arrangement of the Dance No. 5 by Granados. It has preset F, G and C levers, with numerous lever changes in the music.

This PDF is 28 pages with 24 pages of music.

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