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An Iowa Winter by William Mahan PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This is a very beautiful collection of nine melodies and lyrics by William Mahanfor intermediate harp or piano, and voice. Lyrics are included in the music, but no fingerings. This PDF is 32 pages, including 28 pages of music.

An Iowa Winter, the title tune, is a lilting waltz in C major. The lyrics are about first love.

We Were Just Children is a C major song in 4/4. It was written in honor of Mr. Mahan's sister, and can be sung as a tribute to any sibling.

You Have Changed My Life is another key of C song, with lyrics suitable for a wedding.

Thomas Sweet Tommyboy is a melancholy song referring to Mr. Mahan's father, a farm boy who experienced the loss of his mother at a young age.

The Long Black Wall is an anthem to the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. This song is presented in the keys of G and F. The F version can be sung by a high soprano, the G version can be sung by an alto (sing an octave lower than written.) There are two lever changes within the music.

A lovely version of O'Carolan's Blind Mary is included in the keys of C and G with new lyrics by Mr. Mahan.

Seasons is another 4/4 piece in the key of C.

A Christmas Hymn to St. Joseph is a lovely minor and haunting tune for low voice.

Jennifer's Lullaby was written for Mr. Mahan's daughter when she was a baby.

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