Make Mine a Double: A Beginning Method for Double-Strung Harp PDF Download by Cindy Shelhart

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For double-strung harp only.

Make Mine a Double is the first beginning-level method available for the modern double-strung harp. In this book by Cindy Shelhart, a double-strung harp specialist since 1992, you'll learn the musical techniques you need to play and enjoy this unique instrument.

Here's how Cindy describes this book.
Harp players and listeners alike have been fascinated by the modern double-strung harp since its invention in 1989. With its ability to overlap melody and harmony in the same range, and its unmistakable "echo" effect, the double-strung harp is a natural outlet for musical creativity and fun. Some harpers and harpists have learned its secrets through instinct and experimentation. Others still wonder: "That harp is so cool... how DO you play that thing?" Good news: There's a book for that!

Make Mine a Double includes:
66 exercises and etudes to support each area of double-strung harp technique.
15 additional double-strung harp arrangements;
Background information to answer your double-strung harp FAQs.

This book is written for small double-strung harps with G below middle C as their lowest note, with 22 strings (or more) in each row. Although you'll need F and C levers on both rows to play the music as written, you could play over 70% of the music without levers. Only two arrangements in this book (Country Gardens and Greensleeves) have lever changes for accidentals during the piece. Advanced beginner/intermediate difficulty; fingerings and placing brackets are included for each arrangement. Key of C or sharp keys. 148 pages.

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