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Manx Folk Songs for Harp: One Hand Alone PDF Download by Kathleen Blackwell-Plank

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For lever or pedal harp.

Kathleen Blackwell-Plank's arrangements of late beginner to intermediate level pieces for one hand alone are designed for those who are recuperating from a hand or arm injury or for those who just want to strengthen their technique in one hand. The arrangements utilize a full range of bass and treble registers. Using techniques such as pres de la table (p.d.l.t.) playing near the soundboard, harmonics, rolled chords, and glissandi, the pieces explore a wide variety of harp tonal colors. Upon the harp player's recovery, the pieces may be played divided between the hands.

Here's how Kathleen describes these five arrangements. You can hear the music in the videos at the bottom of this page.

Farewell and Adieu to You Spanish Ladies in G minor (2 flats) uses occasional rolled chords, and pres de la table (p.d.l.t.) playing near the soundboard. Lyrics in English for one verse are provided. This well-known traditional folk song is a capstan sea shanty, which was sung as the capstan was turned to raise the anchor. The song was sung as ships were homeward bound. The song is popular throughout the British Isles.

Farewell, Little Katie, My Love (Bannaght Ihiat, Kirree Veg, My Graih) in D major (2 sharps) explores the unique colors and sounds of the harp using pres de la table (p.d.l.t.) playing near the soundboard, rolled chords, and glissandi. One glissando is played by the backs of the fingernails of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers (indicated by the downward-facing crescent shape). The result is a fluttering effect. Lyrics in English are provided for one verse telling of parting and emigration.

The Dangers of the Sea (Kyndagh rish my dangeryn jeh'n keayn) in D minor (1 flat) uses occasional rolled chords and is late beginner level. The full translation of the title of this Manx dance tune is "On Account of the Dangers of the Sea." It appears in the collection "Manx Ballads and Music," published in 1896 by Arthur William Moore.

Praise God, My Friends (Molley gys Jee, my chaarjyn) in G minor (2 flats) uses occasional rolled chords and pres de la table (p.d.l.t.) playing near the soundboard. The tune is a traditional Manx carval or Christmas carol. It appears in "Manx Ballads and Music" (1896), a collection by A. W. Moore (Arthur William Moore). The tune is reminiscent of the Irish song "Star of the County Down."

Carval Yoseph in D major (2 sharps) uses occasional rolled chords and grace note ornamentation. Dr. John Clague collected the Carval Yoseph from John Moore in Ardarry in 1893. In the index of Moore's "Manx Ballads and Music," the folk tune is identified as "Babes in the Woods."

Keys range from 2 flats through 2 sharps. No lever or pedal changes are required within the pieces. Fingerings are not included.
This 19-page PDF includes 14 pages of music and two pages of information about the tunes.

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