Pedal or Lever Harp

Mary's Little Boy Child PDF Download by Judith Aucoin Olson

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For lever or pedal harp.

Judith Aucoin Olson has arranged the classic 1956 Christmas song "Mary's Little Boy Child" by Jester Hairston for upper intermediate to advanced harp players. The music is in the key of B-flat (2 flats) and includes two A-flat lever or pedal changes. The arrangement includes harmonics, rolled chords, syncopations, and accented notes. Most fingerings are included. This nine-page PDF includes five pages of music, one page of Performance Notes, and one page of lyrics.
You can listen to a synthesized recording of this arrangement by clicking on the Audio Tracks button above.

Here's how Judith describes her inspiration for this arrangement .
Harry Belafonte was known for his contributions to the world of music and his work on behalf of numerous human rights issues. I first came to know him through his music as the "King of Calypso". His album entitled Christmas (released in 1958) which contained one of the versions of "Mary's Little Boy Child" that he recorded, played repeatedly in our home each Christmas season when I was a child. I never grew tired of hearing this song in particular. When it played, I would stop whatever I was doing to listen, entranced by Mr. Belafonte's performance. Even now, I look forward to hearing it on radio and satellite stations every Christmas. It still holds the same magic for me.

"Mary's Little Boy Child" has been recorded by numerous performers in different musical genres. Mr. Belafonte's interpretation is the most memorable for me with its relatively simple and sparse accompaniment and focus on the melody and vocal performance. His stature as a recording artist when he recorded this song played a significant role in popularizing it and establishing it as a Christmas classic.

In later years, I learned of Mr. Belafonte's involvement in various human rights causes, and issues of social justice and climate change. The world has lost a passionate voice and advocate with his recent passing in April of 2023.

This arrangement is offered as an hommage to Mr. Belafonte. Its creation was inspired by his life, his interpretation of this classic, the calypso rhythms for which he was famous, the joy of the Christmas season and the expressive voice of the harp.

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