Pedal or Lever Harp

Playing and Improvising Modal Music by Verlene Schermer PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

The subtitle of this work is Diatonic and Altered Modes for Lever Harp
This PDF evolved from a popular online workshop taught by Verlene to harpists around the world. Many students of therapeutic music are encouraged in their programs to understand and utilize modes in healthcare and hospice settings, and these workshops have been eye-opening to many! The book covers each of the seven diatonic modes, as well as several altered modes. These can be used in composition and improvisation, and also to gain an understanding of written music from around the world. Each chapter in the book covers one mode, including a thorough explanation of each mode and how chords function in the mode in order to play modal music (music that stays within a mode.) A few comparison tunes are presented in each mode, as well as an additional 2 - 5 tunes in easy harp arrangements in each mode. There are over 30 tunes arranged for easy to intermediate lever harp that will help in learning the sound of each mode. These tunes can be used as jumping off points for improvisation, or played as written to add to your repertoire. This PDF is 80 pages.

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