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Oh So Kind by Bonnie Mohr PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This lovely, lyrical original song was written by Bonnie Mohr and her daughter. It is 3 pages long, in the key of C, with no lever changes. It is for advanced beginning players. There are no fingerings.

Here's how Bonnie describes this sweet song.
A little church, a remote lake, and some bored kids were the genesis of the song "Oh So Kind."
While at a magnificent lake in northern Idaho, I decided to practice my harp at a nearby church. My young daughters and nephew wanted to go too, especially to ride in the boat to get to the church. Upon arrival, I tried to practice my harp, but could not concentrate with the children running around. We discussed what they could do to keep busy. One of them suggested writing a song.
My oldest daughter Kirsten saw a poster at the church of a young boy kneeling down to pet a baby bunny. On the poster were the words: "So Be Ye Kind" thus giving her the name for the song. The title was later changed to "Oh So Kind." Kirsten wrote the words and played the melody on the piano, and I developed the song and chords. Here are words Kirsten wrote:

Oh be ye Kind to all you find,
You know the Lord is watching you.
He is so grand to understand,
You know His love will see you through.

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