Pedal or Lever Harp

The Three Musics of the Celtic Harp by Jo Morrison PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Jo Morrison's collection of 35 Celtic tunes contains harp arrangements from all of the three musics required of ancient harpers: the music of mirth, the music of sorrow, and the music of sleep. Most pieces are in the key of C, or 1 or 2 sharps, and are for advanced beginner to intermediate players. Jo's composition The Three Musics is in 1 flat, with some lever changes needed. There are no fingerings or chord symbols. Also included are music parts for other instruments for 12 of the tunes and lyrics for 10 of them. Notes about the tunes are listed at the back of the PDF. 79 pages.

In the list of contents below, pieces marked with an * include lyrics, and those with a + include other instrumental parts.

This PDF includes the Scottish tune Skye Boat Song which was used as the theme song for the Outlander TV series.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as regular printed music. It is only available here in this PDF download format.

  • Arran Boat Song
  • Banks of Lochiel*
  • The Beautiful Youth
  • Bonawe Highlanders
  • Bonny Dundee*
  • Bressay Lullaby*
  • Chiorsdain's Lullaby
  • Clergy's Lamentation+
  • Coolin Hills+
  • Devil in the Kitchen
  • East Neuk of Fife+
  • Fanny Power+
  • Fear a' Bhàta*
  • The Ghost of Elgin+
  • The Goat and the Mare+
  • The Hawk that Swoops on High*
  • Huntingtone Castle
  • Kid on the Mountain
  • King of Laois
  • Lament for Ravenscraig
  • Mairi's Wedding*+
  • Mermaid's Song*+
  • New Claret
  • North Brig o' Edinburgh
  • O' a' the Airts*
  • The Old Wife of the Milldust+
  • Reel Stirling
  • The Rights of Man
  • 'S Ann an Ile*
  • Shoals of Herring+
  • Skye Boat Song*
  • Sleep Soond ida Morning
  • They Stole My Wife Last Night+
  • The Three Musics+
  • Willafjord

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