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Lisa's Song by Kenneth Nelson PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

With a feeling of royalty about it, Ken Nelson's pretty melody makes a beautiful harp solo. It is in the key of C with no lever or pedal changes, and the range goes down to the C two octaves below middle C. It is 4 pages in length, and begins the theme with a simple chorded left hand. The theme repeats several times, each time growing richer. The left hand becomes a little more involved each variation, with an Alberti-type bass, and broader chords. The final variation is majestic with large chords and a sweeping A minor arpeggio. With its very pleasing melody, Lisa's song might very well become a requested wedding march. It definitely has that rich "churchy" sound. The speed is andante with a quarter note at 70. This is a good teaching piece that students enjoy. The final variation with its large rolled chords might be considered upper intermediate, but the rest of the piece is very playable by lower intermediate players.

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