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The Celtic Harp book and CD

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This book with companion CD from Ossian Publications, is a collection of 31 of the finest old airs and dance tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, England, Wales, Cornwall, and The Isle of Man. From the liveliest Scottish and Irish dance tunes to laments and religious music from Brittany, you'll find it all in this traditional collection. The arrangements, by Christine Martin and Siobhan Breathnach, are for beginners or advanced beginners, but are also satisfying for more-accomplished players. The pieces range from 1 flat to 2 sharps, with some fingerings. The enclosed CD, performed by Siobhan Breathnach, includes all of the selections in the book. 38 pages.

Some previous editions of this book have had the drawing of a bard (shown in the alternate photos) on the front cover. This edition, with the CD enclosed, has the cover shown above. The bard drawing is inside the back of the current edition.

  • From Ireland
  • John O'Connor (O'Carolan)
  • Sally Gardens
  • Oiche Nollag (Christmas Eve)
  • The Banks of the Suir
  • Sir Festus Burke (O'Carolan)
  • Follow me down to Carlow

  • From Scotland
  • Buain na Rainich (The Cutting of the Fern)
  • Come under my Plaidie
  • Miss Loudon (Reel)
  • There was a Lad
  • Miss Sally Hunter (Nathaniel Gow)
  • Mairi Bhan Og (Mary, Young and Shy)

  • From Brittanny
  • An Alarc'h (The Swan)
  • Me a gar eur Goulmik(I love a turtle-dove)
  • Ar Serjant-Major (The Sergeant-Major)
  • Santez Mari, Mamm Doue (Hymn)
  • Doue Lan a Vadeleh (Hymn)
  • Ma Fransez (My Francoise)

  • From England
  • Kemp's Jig
  • The Miller's Dance
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Putney Ferry
  • Lord Willoughby

  • From Wales
  • The Rising of the Lark
  • Morfa'r Frenhines (The Queen's March)
  • Dydd Trwy'r Dellt (Dawn through the Wattles)
  • Hela'r µSgyfarnog (Hunting the Hare)
  • Rhiwabon (Hymn)
  • Difyrrwch Arglwydds Owain (Lady Owen's Delight)

  • From Cornwall
  • The Siege of St. Malo

  • From the Isle of Man
  • Carval ny Drogh Vraane (Jezebel Carol)

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