Pedal or Lever Harp

Music for a Peaceful Heart Vol 1 by Lisa Lynne PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Music for a Peaceful Heart Vol. 1 is a wonderful collection of 15 of Lisa Lynne's flowing compositions and arrangements from her relaxing CDs. The keys range from 2 flats through 3 sharps, with a few lever changes in some of the pieces. Chord symbols are included, with no fingerings. For intermediate players. The PDF is 41 pages, including 34 pages of music.

Here's what Lisa Lynne has to say about her book.
In all my travels over the years, I have performed these songs around the world in many kinds of circumstances. I must also confess that I don't believe I have ever played any one of them exactly the same way twice. Some have been recorded more than once, and similarly they never come out the same. I attribute this in part to my love for the Renaissance period and its music, where the court musicians would use a given melody as a framework for improvisation. What has survived the centuries are those melodies upon which they improvised. I love to imagine those early musicians all in a circle . . . like my friends and I. We pass around the instruments and chord changes before the fireplace, sharing stories of our travels, and taking turns with melodies and solos.
This book may be used literally and played note for note as written, but I encourage you to create your own interpretations and improvisations within the songs as I do. I hope this book gives you and your loved ones as much musical pleasure as I have had creating it.

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