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Pedal Exercises for Harp PDF Download by Jacqueline Pollauf

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For pedal harp only.

Here is how Jacqueline Pollauf describes these exercises.
With seven pedals and three positions for each pedal, how many possible combinations are there? An overwhelming number! In "Pedal Exercises for Harp," you'll find an incremental and logical approach to tackling pedals through forty exercises. Each exercise is written to drill a highly specific aspect of changing pedals, including moving individual pedals, moving two pedals simultaneously, moving pedals in opposite directions, moving pedals from flat to sharp, and using the left foot on the E pedal. In addition, such deliberate focus on the pedals improves your ability to make each pedal change quiet and efficient.

This PDF is 46 pages, including 40 exercises.

Jacqueline has created three helpful videos about pedals, which you'll find below.
1. Pedal Exercises for Harp includes sample exercises from this PDF.
2. Introduction to Pedals is a general introduction to moving pedals.
3. More on Changing Pedals includes additional helpful information.

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