Pedal or Lever Harp

Learn How to Play Blues On Your Harp by I. Mac Perry PDF and mp3 Downloads

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Eleven companion mp3s are also included.

For lever or pedal harp.

This workbook by I. Mac Perry teaches you, step-by-step, what you need to know to play the blues on your lever or pedal harp!
It is chock-full of excellent information on the history of the blues, and how harpists have adapted the blues to the harp.
Mac's friendly and informative writing style makes everything easy to understand, and his illustrations add to the fun.

You'll learn:
* The Four Special Scales used by blues players
* How to improvise your own solo
* Special exercises to "see" the Blues Strings
* Lots of blues licks to use in your improv
* How to comp using shuffle, syncopation, riffs
* Learn the secret BLUES TUNING

Mac has included five of his original compositions for you to practice your newly-acquired blues skills. You can play along with the eleven companion mp3s that are included in the download. The extensive 16-page glossary in the last chapter explains a variety of blues terms and concepts in great detail.

This comprehensive PDF is 111 pages. Also included are eleven play-along mp3s, zipped together in one file, which you will receive when you purchase this download.

Buy this PDF . . . follow his program . . . and then go out there and play the blues on your harp!

This PDF can be used by pedal harp players, and by lever harp players who tune their harps to 3 flats.

Here's Mac's special message to lever harp players:
This workbook is designed for lever harps that are somewhere in the range of four to five octaves: 27-strings to 36-strings will do just fine. Smaller Lap Harps also work well for improvising but don't have strings low enough for comping. A full set of levers is not necessary, but a lever on the B string above middle C is important. The examples in this book are for a blues in F (1 flat). This is a common blues key. But the ideas can just as easily be applied to C, B-flat, and E-flat, the other common blues keys.

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