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Playing Pain Free: A Manual for Playing the Harp Comfortably

That old saying, "No pain, no gain" was never true! You can play the harp pain-free for a lifetime! In this PDF, book you'll learn the secrets of comfortable ways to sit, how to play without stress, and how to explore relaxed techniques that produce the best tone and accuracy while keeping your hands and body healthy. Rather than being just an overview of ergonomics, his book addresses the concerns that are specifically related to harp playing. Laurie Riley, CMP, CCM, CME, has been teaching ergonomics for harpists since 1988, and is a charter member of the National Standards Board for Music Ergonomics. This PDF is 36 pages.

What is Music Ergonomics?
The Importance of Neutral Posture
Harp Types
Interfacing Your Body with Your Harp
Using stools, stands, pillows, and other ergonomic accoutrements
The Importance of Breathing
Moving with Your Music
All About Hands, Wrists, and Arms
Conditions Related to Playing the Harp
What if Your Pain or Injury is Not Related to Harping?
Transporting Your Harp
Additional Considerations
A Troubleshooting Checklist
Ergonomic Quick Fixes
About the Author

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