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Practice Planner Book
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Practice Planner Book

Designed to make lessons more enjoyable and efficient, the Musician's Practice Planner is used as an assignment book by teachers and as a practice log by students. Its easy-to-read format devotes two full pages to each student's lesson. The Weekly Lesson Plan on the left page allows the teacher to list each assignment, make specific goals and recommendations, and clearly schedule the next lesson. There is also space to write out short musical examples and what to bring to the next lesson. The Daily Practice Log on the right page allows the student to keep track of how much time they are spending practicing and write metronome markings for each piece. They can easily review notes and assignments the teacher has requested on the Weekly Lesson Plan page to the left. Writing down practice pieces and time spent each week quickly gives the student a sense of focus and satisfaction. The teacher and student will soon notice improvements in the student's musicianship and practice skills.

The Musician's Practice Planner includes 80 pages, enough for 37 weeks of lesson assignments and practice logs, along with thorough instructions and suggestions of how to use the book for both teacher and student. In the back of the Practice Planner are a few additional pages of staff paper.