Stand with Legs for Ravenna 26 Harps

  • Stand with 5" legs
  • $185.00
  • Stand with 8" legs
  • $185.00
  • Stand with 12" legs
  • $185.00

This stand is great for people who want a stable base for their Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 Harp, and we highly recommend it!

The stand consists of a base and four legs, lacquered black to match the harp. The legs screw into the stand base, then the harp is set on top of the stand and anchored with the spin of a knob. When disassembled, the stand and legs fit easily into a tote bag or into special compartments in the pocket of the Deluxe Case.

The legs come in three different heights: 5", 8", and 12".
The 12" legs (shown here) are best for adults, and for older children. The 5" legs are suitable for very small children. All of the legs are interchangeable so you can tailor the stand to fit your needs, or even keep multiple leg sets on hand for different situations.

If you have a Ravenna 26 harp, you'll find that this stand makes it much easier to play your harp!

This item ships directly from Dusty Strings. To save money on shipping, order this item separately.

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