Pedal or Lever Harp

Renaissance Music For the Harp Book by Deborah Friou

Item #4229b

For lever or pedal harp.

This delightful collection contains more than 20 popular dances and airs of the Renaissance period, arranged for the harp by Deborah Friou. Most of the pieces are drawn from the lute or keyboard repertoire and include pieces by well-known composers of the time such as Morely, Byrd, and Dowland. The pieces vary in difficulty from easy intermediate to advanced and include fingerings. In the key of C or 1 sharp; a few have lever or pedal changes. 32 pages.

The companion CD that was previously available for this book is permanently out of print. We only have one copy left. If you would like to purchase it for $10.95, please email Sylvia.

  • Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home (Dowland)
  • Corranto
  • Toy (Cutting)
  • Bransle (Attaignant)
  • Corranto
  • All in a Garden Green (Playford)
  • Nachtanz (Susato)
  • Alman (Morely)
  • Robin (Munday)
  • Fortune (Byrd)
  • It Was A Lover and His Lass (Morely)
  • Alman
  • Corranto
  • Nobody's Gigge (Farnaby)
  • Lady Riche
  • Wolseys Wilde (Byrd)
  • La Volta (Byrd)
  • Greensleeves (Cutting)
  • The Carman's Whistle (Byrd)
  • Hartes Ease (Holborne)
  • Alman
  • The Earl of Essex Galliard (Dowland)