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This wonderful publication is intended for people wishing to teach folk harp, but it also contains a wealth of useful information which will be of interest to virtually any harp player. Joyce Rice gives excellent step-by-step instructions and ideas regarding the business end of being a teacher (attracting students, what teachers should expect from their students and vice versa, keeping track of attendance, etc.) and then guides you through all the intricacies involved in teaching someone to play the harp.

This book is a compilation of ideas, suggestions, and helpful hints from experienced harp teachers. Contributors to this book included Stephanie Curcio, Sue Richards, Kim Robertson, Ellen Tepper, Derek Bell, Liz Cifani, Wendy Kerner Lucas, Louise Trotter, and many more. It was compiled at the Professional Harpers Gathering on the East Coast in the early 1990's. Sixteen chapters, well over 100 pages on standard sized paper! Includes a complete index. This is an excellent resource for any teacher of harp.

Table of Contents:
On Being a Teacher
Practical Ideas for the Business of Teaching
The First Lesson
Group Lessons
Choosing Repertoire
Playing by Ear, Improvising, Sessions
Accompanying and Arranging
Orchestral Playing
Becoming a Confident Performer
Stage Deportment

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So you want to teach?
By David
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A good book for someone thinking about teaching, and a lot of good ideals for those that are!

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