Pedal or Lever Harp

An Irish Tunebook by Sue Richards PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Sue Richards specializes in traditional Irish, Scottish, and Scandinavian music on the Celtic Harp.
Here are her arrangements of 18 of her favorite Irish tunes for advanced beginner to intermediate harp players. The pieces are in the keys of G, D, and F, making this book accessible to harps with only B, C, and F sharping levers. None of the pieces require lever changes, and there are no fingerings. 20 pages of music.

Les Poules Huppes is arranged for two harps. Kerry Polka and Rattlin' Bog Polka are written in lead-sheet format (only the right hand written out) with chord symbols and a sample left hand pattern.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as regular printed music. It is only available here in this PDF download format.

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