Pedal or Lever Harp

Ride the Night Skies - for harp trio by Anna Dunwoodie PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

This fun Halloween-themed composition by Anna Dunwoodie is for 3 lever harps with two octaves below middle C. It is for advanced players and includes harmonics, xylophonic sounds, glisses, P.D.L.T., whistling on strings, bisbigliando, and tapping the soundboard. It is in the key of G with lots of lever changes. Fingerings and lever markings are not included.
This 21-page PDF includes the score and all three harp parts.

Here's how Anna describes this fun Halloween composition for three harps.
I began composing this piece for three lever harps, on 31st October, 2019, and finished it in February the following year. Most of it was completed in the first sitting on Halloween 2019, but the ending was a little elusive . . . taking over three months for me to find! I was home alone on Halloween -- ignoring any door knockers. I was determined to find my composing space and write something for my father, who died on Halloween three years earlier. Instead, I watched the sky darkening, and thought of the two lovely ladies I was intent on writing for, and decided that this was not going to be a sentimental tune for dad. It would be something that our harp coven could use to explore a number of different techniques on our harps, and every single string to boot! And so, I present Ride the Night Skies It can be bumpy, smooth, breezy and crazy out there riding those currents, broomstick, bat and cat on board and maybe a little Bach also.

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