Pedal Harp Only

Sarabanda e Toccata booklet for PEDAL harp by Nino Rota

Item #6879b

For PEDAL harp only.

This harp solo is by Italian film composer Nino Rota (1911-1979).

The Sarabanda opens with warm, minor chords in the low register, marked Andante. The melody is supported by eighth and triplet sixteenth-note accompaniment in the left hand. Before the movement closes, fortissimo 10-note chords bring the melody to a climax, which then drops to pianissimo before gently relaxing into the last section marked Calmo. 4 pages.

The Toccata is a fast paced movement marked Allegro and demonstrates contrast in dynamics, phrasing, and harmonics in C Major. 4 pages.

Includes pedal markings. 8 total pages. Advanced pedal harp level.

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