How to Succeed with Self-Produced Concerts by Lisa Lynne Franco PDF Download

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The subtitle of this detailed and informative PDF by Celtic harpist, composer and recording artist Lisa Lynne is
A Guide for Performers and Presenters to Navigating a Successful Event.
It contains essential advice that will be extremely useful for any performer or independent concert presenter.


For musical artists who are just breaking in, or experienced performers who have been at it a long time, this book is a helpful tool to manage the new era of independent music: This guide will show you how to take control of your ability to find or create new places to play, book venues on your own, be your own agent, manager, promoter and publicist. This means taking control of all aspects of the touring business and having a system in place that will greatly increase your proficiency to make it work. This book will also serve new presenters who wish to open up their space for a concert or concert series. Both performers and presenters can follow the guidelines in this book and work together and make the most of every opportunity. For performers, being able to coach new presenters will empower you to uncover a wealth of opportunity and therefore set you free . . . to perform your music as often as you wish and with abundance.

Christine Neiburger's fun illustrations and cartoons enhance the text and make this PDF even better!
This extremely informative PDF is 228 pages.

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Chapter One: It's a New World
Presenters: Get on Board
Performers: Assess Your Skills
The Mission of Success
How Do You Bill Yourself?

Chapter Two: Explore the Venues
Established Venues
Alternative Venues
Presenters: New Presenter's Checklists
Finding Each Other
Performers: How to Find Established Venues
Performers: How to Find Alternative Venues
Presenters: Finding Your Artists
Presenters: Name Your Concert Series
Presenters: Building an Email List
Performers: Reaching Out
Performers: Established Venues
Performers: Financial Overview
Performers: Alternative Venues
Presenters: Ask Artists to Participate

Chapter Three: It's a Yes!
Choose Your Date
Presenters: About Opening Acts
Ticketing Decisions
About the Sound
Presenters: About the Sound

Chapter Four: The Master Plan
Organize Your Tasks
Working with Established Venues
Working with Alternative Venues
Your Action Timeline
Your Master Folder
Keeping Track of Email
Task Grid
Presenters: New Presenter's Checklist

Chapter Five: Promotion Begins
Emailing Posters
Write Your Press Release
Target Media: Newspaper, TV and Radio

Chapter Six: Social Media
Your Newsletter
To Blog or Not to Blog
Social Media

Chapter Seven: All Aboard?
Confirm Show Logistics

Chapter Eight: Day of Show
Performer Timeline
Presenters: Timeline
Taking Tickets

Chapter Nine: The Money Part
Accounting Scenarios
Divvying up the Earnings
Follow Up with Your Presenter
In Conclusion

Chapter Ten: My Story

Appendix: Wisdom & Tips from Established Presenters


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Great book, but hidden costs.
By Jason McKinney
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This is a very great resource for anyone who's faced with the task of planning and promoting their own concerts and navigating the ever-changing musical world. My ONLY complaint about this book is that it's only available in PDF format. Sheet music is fine in a PDF, but a book of this length is extremely cumbersome in PDF format. After purchasing the PDF and then paying to have it printed and spiral bound, I wound up paying over $30. Something to think about.

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