Pedal or Lever Harp

Simple Comforts PDF Download by Janie Taylor

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For lever or pedal harp.

Janie Taylor has arranged 20 tunes for those who play in therapeutic situations at the bedside and those seeking to play pretty harp music without hours of work. The arrangements are at an easy/early intermediate level and are in 3/4 or 4/4 time. Seven pieces are in the key of C, ten are in F (1 flat), and three are in G (1 sharp). The range is 5 octaves (D2 to C6). Lever changes are indicated between the staves. No pedal changes are listed. Guitar chords are included, but no fingerings. This 42-page PDF includes 39 pages of music.

Here's how Janie describes this book.
Macaroni and cheese for the harp! This music is like good comfort food, uncomplicated yet richly satisfying. These imaginative arrangements are musically pleasing yet fairly quickly learned: easy on the harpist and easy on the listener. Most of the music evolved from my playing therapy harp at the bedside and is purposely spare - - not too many notes. But the music is easily accessible for playing pretty tunes anytime, anywhere. The collection starts with soothing music, then familiar pieces most of us know and love, then up-tempo tunes, and finishes with well-known hymns.
May the music enrich you and your listeners with comfort and, in the words of the Irish blessing, deep peace.

Laurie Riley says of the collection, "This is a wonderful book of arrangements for therapeutic bedside playing, and the pieces are equally appropriate for performance. Janie has worked her magic to give us music simple enough to be therapeutic yet sophisticated enough to be satisfying. Never trite, these pieces are lovely, with interesting harmonies. The pieces are familiar to most harp players, and in appropriate keys and moods for bedside playing in medical settings. No doubt it will become a staple for all harp therapists and practitioners."

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