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For lever or pedal harp.

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The Sing-Along Harper

This book will give you tools to play along with singers and other instrumentalists without needing to read and memorize music! The concept is the same as for learning folk guitar -- they only need to learn some chords and a few strumming or fingerpicking patterns, and away they go! So, why should guitar players get all the fun? Here at last is an approach to playing folk harp that is truly a folk style of learning. Although all the songs used for examples and practice in this book are from American and Celtic folk music, you can apply this to modern popular music as well. The book includes how to figure out the keys and lever settings for songs, and what to do about chords that are not "within the key." It also includes a fingerpicking "library" with 80 patterns in four different time signatures. There are 20 fun folk songs with lyrics and chords, but not a single note to read. The book comes with a companion mp3s of all 20 songs to rehearse along with. Verlene sings and plays her Celtic harp in a variety of styles to give you the sense of playing along with other musicians and singers. Then you can take these fingerpicking patterns, add your own if you like, and bring your harp to the next sing-along or jam session in your own community! This PDF is 62 pages, with companion mp3s.

The chapters include:
Finding the Key, Major Keys, Chord Inversions, Accidentals, Minor Keys and Modes, Rhythms, Get in the Groove, The Fingerpicking Pattern Library, 4/4 Time, 3/4 Time, 6/8 Time, 2/4 Time, Blank Patterns, The Song Book Songs, Appendix - Transposing, Chart of Scales and Modes, Chart of Chords

The Complete Sing-Along Harper Song Book

This PDF contains all 20 transcriptions of what was played on the CD included with The Sing-Along Harper. The songs are transcribed for lever harp and voice (or any melody instrument). Chord names are also included. For those who would benefit from seeing the written notation and comparing that to what they hear on the CD, this can be a useful tool in learning how to make your own accompaniments using the fingerpicking patterns included in "The Sing-Along Harper." For those who are more comfortable with simply reading the notes, rather than learning how to play along with chords and patterns, this book has all you need! The melody is not in the harp part, it is meant to be sung or played by a melody instrument. There are no fingerings. This PDF is 81 pages, with companion mp3s.

The songs in both books include:
The Water is Wide (key of C)
Down the River (key of E - 4 sharps)
Go Down Moses (key of E minor - 1 sharp)
The Mockingbird Song (key of C)
Fair and Tender Ladies (key of D - 2 sharps)
Barbara Allen (key of C)
Wade in the Water (key of D minor - 1 flat, but not needed)
America, the Beautiful (key of G - 1 sharp)
Streets of Laredo (key of D - 2 sharps)
Star of County Down (key of E minor - 1 sharp)
Scarborough Fair (dorian mode - 1 sharp)
Midnight Special (key of E - 4 sharps)
Oh Danny Boy (key of C)
Amazing Grace (key of D - 2 sharps)
Wayfaring Stranger (key of A minor - no sharps)
Cockles and Mussels (key of C)
Water Come a Me Eye (key of A - 3 sharps)
Cat Came Back (key of # minor - 1 sharp)
Old Joe Clark (modal - 1 sharp)
John Henry (key of A - 3 sharps)

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