Snark Super-Tight ST-2 Clip Electronic Tuner
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Snark "Super-Tight" ST-2 Clip Electronic Tuner

The Snark "Super-Tight" ST-2 is the newly upgraded version of the SN2 that we've been selling for years. It has a bright new high definition display, and is now faster and more accurate than ever! We LOVE these Snarks!.

The Snark is a very cool tuner that clips directly to your harp! It has 2 settings: "Vibration" and "Mic" (for Microphone). When you clip the Snark to your harp and use the "Vibration" setting, the Snark will pick up the vibrations directly from the instrument. You'll use the "Mic" setting if you clip the Snark to your music stand. The "Mic" setting is also useful if there are a few high notes that the Snark won't pick up in the "Vibration" mode. Just flip the switch to "Mic" and it works great.

PLEASE NOTE: The Snark company makes various models of Snarks, and each model is a different color. We only sell the RED ones because they are the only ones with both the Microphone and Vibrate settings.

I usually clip my Snark to the bottom tuning pin or sharping lever on my Dusty Strings harps, and to the neck of the Harpsicles. You can also clip it to the front t-brace (if your harp has one), or to the holes in the back, or to the pedals on a pedal harp. If you attach the Snark to a wooden part of your harp, be sure to remove the Snark when you have finished tuning, particularly when you are out in the sun. The rubber can eventually damage the finish if left on for long periods of time. We've never seen this happen, but there are warnings about this inside the package. So . . . better safe than sorry!

The suggested retail price for the Snark is $39, but we're selling them for only $24.95!

Cool Features of the Snark

*The bright high definition LED display is very easy to see, even in dark environments. The colors make it simple to see whether the string is sharp, flat, or in-tune. Even if your eye-sight isn't as good as it used to be, you'll be able to use this tuner!

* The head of the tuner swivels 360 degrees, so it is easy to adjust it to the perfect viewing angle, no matter where you clip it.

* The jaws of the spring-loaded clip open wide, over 1", so it will clip almost anywhere, including the back of a pedal harp.

* The jaws are covered with rubber, so it won't scratch your harp. The rubber helps keep the Snark from slipping, as well.

* The Snark is versatile. It works when clipped to the tuning pins, back, handle, t-brace, wood, or pedals of a harp. Experiment with your harp and see where it works the best. In the "Mic" mode, you can also clip it to a music stand, your clothing, or anything else close to your harp.

* In our tests, the Snark easily tuned all the way to the bottom string of a pedal harp! We liked this tuner better than any of our other models for these low strings. Depending on the harp, and where we clipped it, it was not as reliable on the very highest strings. But that's why we chose this particular model. If the high strings don't register, just switch it to the "Mic" mode and it will pick up great!

* The Snark is a pretty red color, making it easy to find in your gig bag, or your living room.

* The metronome is silent: a red heart visually flashes on the beat. When you first activate the metronome, it defaults to a tempo of 100 beats per minute. You can adjust the tempo using the arrow buttons on the back. Or, you can set the tempo by tapping twice on the button on the side. The Snark will calculate the tempo between the two taps.

* The Snark is well-designed. Since the only button on the front of the Snark is the large power button, it is easy to find to turn the tuner on and off.

* The Snark is smart. It will turn itself off if no notes are detected for 2 minutes.

* The Snark runs on a small, round lithium battery, similar to a watch or hearing aid battery, which is available at any drug store. The battery is included, and just needs to be installed. (Be sure you put it in the right side up, or the Snark won't work!)

* This Snark model also has a Transpose Feature. This isn't really useful for harps, but is great if you're using it to tune a guitar with a capo in place.

* Like all tuners, the Snark is automatically calibrated at A-440 Hz. However, you can manually calibrate the pitch on the Snark anywhere from 415 to 466 Hz.

Give this fun and friendly tuner a try. We know you'll become a fan of the Snark!