Pedal or Lever Harp

Spiritual Medley arranged for harp and handbells by Sylvia Woods Sheet Music

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For lever or pedal harp.

for 3-4 octave handbells and harp

This harp and handbell arrangement is based on Sylvia Woods' haunting Spiritual Medley harp solo which blends two beautiful American spirituals about going "home" to heaven: Motherless Child (also often titled Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child) and Wayfaring Stranger. The music is in the key of E minor (1 sharp), with no lever or pedal changes.
In this arrangement, the harp generally plays the bass clef part of the solo version, and the handbells play the melody in octaves. The harp needs to have a range that includes the E that is 12 strings below middle C.
Three octaves of handbells are required. The A3 and B3 bells are optional. Total number of bells used is 21 or 23. For advanced beginner to intermediate harp players, and level 2 bell choir. 10 pages of music in the key of E minor.

As a member of her church handbell choir, Sylvia Woods began arranging music for lever (or pedal) harp and handbells. These wonderful arrangements beautifully showcase the harp with bells. If your church or school has a set of handbells, give these arrangements a try. As with all handbell or choir music, you will need to buy individual copies for each member of the handbell choir, the director, and the harpist.

This music is now being distributed by Jeffers Handbell Supply. If you'd like to order multiple copies for your bell choir, please order through their website. Their stock number for this piece is MWD0936661488.

This arrangement is based on Sylvia's solo harp arrangement. She also created an arrangement for harp and choir. These three arrangements are very similar. You can listen to a synthesized version of the harp solo arrangement by clicking on the Audio Tracks button above. It obviously will not include the handbells, but you'll be able to hear how the pieces go together. You can also watch a video of the harp and choir version on the web page for that grouping.

Click on the blue titles below to see a sample of the first few lines of music.


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Harp and Handbells were mesmerizing
By Jane Howell
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I play both harp and handbells at our church and when I saw this arrangement I knew our handbell choir should play it. When we performed it on a Sunday morning, the congregation was mesmerized and not a sound was heard when we finished. Our director was enthralled with our performance and said that very seldom when a choir performs do they achieve the level of interpretation, albeit not perfect, but complete and we did it with this performance! Thank you Sylvia for a wonderful interpretation of these spirituals. Our director has asked that I purchase more just like this one. And we would be pleases for you to continue to arrange more for handbells and harp.

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