How to Start a Healthcare Music Program in Your Local Hospital by Laurie Riley PDF Download

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This is a reference book; not a music book.
This book is about approaching and working with clinical institutions to include live music in their patient services, and how to structure such services. Information is presented with the assumption the reader is a certified healthcare musician or a medical professional.

Laurie is a Certified Music Practitioner who has been a pioneer in the field of therapeutic medicine and is co-founder of the Music for Healing and Transition Program.

This PDF is 37 pages.

Why Your Local Hospital and Hospice Need Healthcare Music
Approaching the Administration: The Proposal
Approaching the Administration: The Presentation Packet
Making Presentations
Volunteer or Career?
What to Call Your Program
The 501-c3 Nonprofit Organization: Mission Statement and Vision/Goals
The 501-c3 Nonprofit Organization: 501-c3 Example Forms
The 501-c3 Nonprofit Organization: Example of By-Laws
Communicating the Value of Your Program
The Musicians: Who is a Trained Healthcare musician?
The Musicians: Musicians'Responsibilities
The Musicians: Legal Issues and Guidelines
Who is In Charge of the Program?
How Often Should Music Be Available?
Which Patients Need Music?
Keeping up the Momentum of Your Program
Doing Memorial Services
A Note from the Author
About the Author

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Focused and in-depth guide
By Silvia
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Laurie Riley provides as usual an incredibly focused guide, covering all the diverse facets of therapeutic music entrepreneurship. I have found in the book many answers to my questions and a boost in developing a business plan to support this activity. Invaluable book whether you aim to work as a therapeutic musician individually or in a non-profit organization.

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