Sticks for Harpsicle Harps

  • oak wood
  • $35.00
  • cherry wood
  • $45.00
  • walnut wood
  • $45.00

A wooden Stick attaches to the holes in the back of the harp and rests across your knees to help stabilize the harp on your lap while you play. These 18"-long sticks are designed to be used with any 26-string harp made by the Harpsicle Harp Company.

The standard stick is made from oak wood. If you have a Special Edition Fullsicle and would like to have a harp that matches the wood of your harp, you can order a walnut or cherry stick.

This item ships directly from The Harpsicle Harp Company. To save money on shipping, please order this item separately.

sticks on harps


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