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Technical Exercises for Lever Harp by Ailie Robertson PDF Download

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For lever harp.

Ailie Robertson has designed this PDF to help lever harp players develop the technical skills they need and to increase dexterity and speed. Intended for use by players of all levels, it contains over 150 exercises, broken into chapters that focus on specific techniques from scales to lever slides. Technical advice and practice tips are given at the start of each chapter.

All exercises are in the key of C, except one page of "2 against 3 scales," which is in 3 flats. The only other levers required are in the final "Lever Changes and Slides" chapter. This PDF is 71 pages.

Here's part of what Ailie says in her introduction.
This book is designed to help lever harpists develop and maintain strong technique, strength, speed and agility. Whatever level of player you are, solid technique will help you progress. If there's something you find difficult, it indicates that there is a limit to your technique in that area, so fixing that gap will help you progress.
Whilst many techniques are the same for lever harp and pedal harp, they are, in my opinion, distinct instruments, and as such there are certain techniques that are particular to lever harps and to traditional music. I thus wanted to create a book that catered specifically to lever harp players and their needs.
I hope you enjoy this selection of exercises and that it inspires and helps you in your own journey to realising your musical potential.

Chapters include:
Crossing Under and Over
Dexterity and Finger Independence
Repeated Notes
Left-Hand Techniques
Lever Change and Slides

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