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American Heritage Harp #1 - Solo or Duo - by Louise Trotter PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Louise Trotter has arranged this nice collection of 6 American tunes to honor a rich part of our national heritage. Each tune has a variety of solo and duet versions for beginners to intermediate players, as listed below.

Red River Valley has an easy solo version and an intermediate solo version, both of which can be played together as a duet. In the key of C with some fingerings.

Streets of Laredo has an easy solo version and three other versions of a more difficult nature, any of which can be played together, or one after another for an elongated performance of the tune. In the key of G (1 sharp).

Shenandoah has an easy harp solo rendition and a version with octaves and large chords in the right hand. They can stand alone or be played in duet form. In the key of G (1 sharp).

The Arkansas Traveler / Turkey in the Straw medley is a clever stand-alone solo in the key of C, with some fingerings.

Camptown Races has a very easy solo adaptation, plus two other versions just a bit more challenging. They are all in the key of C and can be played as s duet.

Amazing Grace has several versions in the key of G, and several in the key of C, as well as an optional 4-bar interlude to modulate from G to C.

This PDF is 22 pages.

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