Pedal or Lever Harp

First Steps to Harp Improvisation by Louise Trotter PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Many situations occur when the harpist would like to create free-form musical improvisation. Whether compositions are written according to style and form, or consist of random chords, arpeggios or glissandos, it is possible to be harmonious and effective with the help of this publication by Louise Trotter. Bass, melody and arpeggio patterns are included, and one page of suggested improvisational styles that you can put on your music stand for reference. For intermediate players on any type of harp.

This 23-page PDF includes 14 pages of music with some fingerings and chord symbols. Also included are 15 play-along mp3s of the etudes, zipped together in one file, which you will receive when you purchase this download.

Table of Contents:
Suggestions for Getting Started
Bass and Melody Patterns
Etude 1 Reflections (two bass patterns)
Etude 2 Aquamarine (arpeggios in 3 & 4-finger patterns)
Etude 3 Mountain Trail (repetition, suspended chords)
Etude 4 Alpine Lake (L.H. arpeggiated figure)
Etude 5 Bluebonnet Waltz (stride bass in 1, 4, and 5 chords)
Etude 6 Icy Stream (arpeggios in 1, 6, 2, 5 chords)
Etude 7 Balloon Flight (interlocking hands)
Etude 8 Kaleidoscope (intervals of 4th & quartal chords)
Etude 9 Whirlpool (descending triplet figures)
Etude 10 Foggy Dawn (L.H. melody, R.H. glisses)
Etude 11 Gypsy Caravan (rhythmic, in key of E minor)
Etude 12 Prairie Mirage (piece using several techniques)

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