Pedal or Lever Harp

Puerto Rican Sketches by Louise Trotter PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Louise Trotter has composed four descriptive Puerto Rican Sketches for intermediate lever or pedal harp.

Old San Juan, in a minor key with a romantic Spanish feel, requires B-flats and C-sharps.

The Beach (La Playa) is in the key of C, with soft glisses, rolled chords, and a playful melody.

The Rainforest (El Yunque) , is a contemplative tune in the key of F (1 flat). It has harmonics (depicting rain drops), nail glisses (soft rain), and intervals of a 2nd mimicking the distinctive sounds of the local cocqui tree frog. You can also listen to the actual sounds of the coqui frog in one of the mp3 sound files below.

Fiesta! is a 6/8 dance in the key of G (1 sharp) suggesting whirling, foot-stamping Flamenco dancers.

Each piece is two pages long, with no lever changes needed within the pieces. There are only a few fingerings.

This 15-page PDF includes 8 pages of music, 2 pages of recent photos of Old San Juan, and a page of descriptive text to use when performing. Also included are five mp3s of the music, zipped together in one file.

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