Pedal or Lever Harp

Stephen Foster Favorites by Louise Trotter PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Louise Trotter has created beautiful harp arrangements of three of Stephen Foster's best-known songs: (I Dream of) Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Beautiful Dreamer, and Camptown Races. Each arrangement is 1 page long, with no lever changes needed, and no fingerings. They are at an advanced beginner / lower intermediate level, and require a harp with 2 octaves below middle C.

Beautiful Dreamer has a lovely introduction. The right hand features parallel 6ths, and the left is mostly single notes or 3-note chords. It is in the key of F (1 flat).

Camptown Races is in the key of C. There is a modified Alberti Bass type accompaniment and that might be a little tricky for the beginner, but basically this is a relatively easy piece.

I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair is the most challenging of the 3 arrangements, with a lovely intro, full chords, a moving right hand, and an active left hand. This harpistic arrangement is very typical of how Louise perform her folk tunes.

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