Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp by David Kolacny PDF Download

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The subtitle of this PDF is What To Do When The Repairman is 1,000 Miles Away. In his humorous and easy-to-understand style, David Kolacny gives lever harp players the information they need to take care of their harps. This comprehensive manual is "intended to help harp owners evaluate and correct minor problems with their instruments, and understand major problems which may need professional repair." It includes such baffling subjects as strings (types, slipping, breaking), buzzes, harp parts (soundboards, necks, wood, joints and bracing), and pins (bridge and tuning). There is a large section on various types of commonly found sharping levers (such as Loveland, Triplett, Lyon & Healy, Performance, Truitt, Robinson, and Salvi) and how to adjust them. This 28-page PDF is the revised and expanded second edition.

Every lever harp player should own this manual.

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