Leather Tuning Wrench (Key) Holder by Dusty Strings

Item #9125

This supple, pebble-grained black leather holder keeps your tuning wrench close at hand on the back of your harp.

You no longer have to sit on your tuning wrench (or tuning key, if that's your preferred terminology) or set it on the floor while you play. Now you can drop it through the loop of Dusty Strings' classy, pebble-grained leather holder and keep it within easy reach, attached to the back of your harp. The bendable tabs wrap around the span between your harp's sound holes and keep the holder in a stable position so you can easily pull your wrench out with one hand. The soft suede backing won't scuff your harp, and the main loop is squishable, so you can leave the holder in place when you put your harp in its case (be sure to remove the wrench, though!). You can also move the holder between harps and bend and unbend the tabs as many times as you want.

The holder fits all Dusty Strings harps, as well as other harps with spans of 2¼" to 5½" between sound holes. Although it was specifically designed to hold longer-handled ergonomic wrenches (such as Dusty Strings custom wrenches and Duo-Tunes) without the need for straps or snaps, it will also hold smaller T-handle wrenches, though not quite as securely.

Installation instructions:

The first photo shows the tuning wrench holder before installation.

wrench holder Step 1: Bend the short tab backwards. If you start with a fairly sharp bend, it will be easier to get a snug fit.

Step 2: Position the holder on your harp so the bend is hugging the wood at the top of the lower sound hole.

Step 3: Bend the top tab down tightly inside the harp and pinch each bend to get a moderately snug fit.

Step 4: Insert your tuning wrench so that the handle is vertical and the shaft rests in the notch on the side of the holder.

Be sure to remove your tuning key from the holder before putting your harp in its case.

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