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What a Friend We Have in Jesus for PEDAL harp by Louise Trotter PDF Download

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For PEDAL harp only.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus is one of ten beloved hymns that have been transcribed from Louise Trotter's 2014 Sacred Treasures recording. This beautiful arrangement for upper intermediate pedal harpists features glisses, harmonics, and long, two-handed arpeggios. Pedal changes are listed, but no fingerings.

This 9-page PDF includes 7 pages of music.

Here's what Louise's friend and editor, Mary Radspinner, has to say about this music:
This PDF is a transcription of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" as played by Louise Trotter on her "Sacred Treasures" CD. Louise was in her 80s when she recorded it: the time of her life when she was most creative with playing amazing chords on the pedal harp. Her fingers may not have been so supple anymore, but her brain was very much in gear. We're glad she took the time to make the recording. Now that she is gone, Basil Alter, Gretchen Cover, Frank Voltz, and I have transcribed these intricate arrangements for other harpists to play.

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