Pedal or Lever Harp

Willow Weeping in the Wind by Laura Zaerr PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Here's how Laura Zaerr describes her composition.

"Willow Weeping in the Wind" was written as a challenging étude for a talented student who was going through a tumultuous time in her life. I have used this piece extensively with students through the years. It makes an engaging warmup. The mood swings between major and minor, with an underlying relentless rhythmic urgency. Written for the 36-string folk harp, this piece features jumping and overlapping hands, where the left hand encompasses what the right hand is doing. There is some étouffée muffling in the left thumb at once point. It is all in the key of C, with no lever changes.

Four pages of music with no fingerings.

This product is a PDF file, to be downloaded to your computer. We do not sell it as regular printed music. It is only available here in this PDF download format.

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