You Are Your Instrument book by Julie Lyonn Lieberman

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The New England Journal of Medicine cites that 50% of all professional musicians suffer from varying levels of muscular injury, while other studies claim that the figures are as high as 75%. If we include musicians who have problems with excessive tension or general aches and pains, we are left with only a handful of musicians who know how to create music in a fluid, pain-free manner.

Julie Lyonn Lieberman's book is a comprehensive, fully illustrated reference book for any musician wishing to heal existing injuries, and develop a more enjoyable experience during practice and performance. It includes topics such as the power of the mind, breathing, awareness and muscle balance, music medicine, nervousness and more. A section on muscle balance techniques and exercises is useful for any musician.152 pages, paperbound.


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Feel the stretch
By Natalie
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I love this book! Julie writes on taking breaks from practice, stretching, deep breathing, and keeping your body healthy. Every musician should at least read this once! There are a couple silly exercises in the book, such as "Keep a diary of your practice sessions at your instrument, and convert them into a human relationship." The example of this diary process that she gave actually made me giggle. So I skip some of those, but the stretches really do help me. And I made a practice to never keep water by me, so I'm forced to stand up and shake out to go get a sip from time to time. This book is a fabulous resource!

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