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8386c - Kart-a-Bag Folk Harp Cart

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 23, 2008
Love My HarpKart!
Posted By: M Jan Gochenaur
The day I bought my Dusty Strings 36FHS, it was quite a big investment for me. I hesitated to add the Kart-a-Bag to my bill, but decided to just consider it part of my total "harp package". I'm so glad I did! I can carry my harp a short way, but for any distance farther than 150 feet I just get out my HarpKart. It sets up in three easy steps. Then I secure my harp snugly with the bungee cord straps and I'm ready to take it anywhere. The large wheels smoothly roll over almost anything. When I'm done, I quickly collapse the Kart into a compact shape that is easily stored out of sight. It's double-duty--my HarpKart even went to work with me one day to help store boxes of files!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 20, 2009
Hurray for harps on wheels!
Posted By: Corrina Hewat
I am a professional harper, and have been for the last 14 years. I have carried my harp around for the last 25 years, always saying I was strong and could manage, never letting anyone else carry it in case they whacked it off something (and always believing that if you play it, you should carry it!). I admit I have had trouble with my right arm (I always carried it on my right shoulder), straining muscles and a bad back sometimes. But would never give in to getting help. I have a hard case, but I use it for planes mostly as it is a beast of a thing! So now after 25 years, I have given in! Okay, so I am now 7 months pregnant, and trying to keep gigging and teaching, and doing everything I can to keep busy, but I finally bought a trolley. And I LOVE IT!!! It's a dream to put up and take down, it's sturdy and I am assured the harp is safe, it travels over rough ground, gravel, tarmac, up and down pavements easily due to the smaller wheels at the back. It does add a bit of weight to the harp if you have to go up lots of stairs with it still attached. So I ask for help then, but it is easy to carry from the top end or the bottom end. And it's so fast to take off and put on, that I'm not finding that a problem at all. I actually wish I had bought one of these many years ago! Then I might not have such a muscly right arm!!! I recommend this trolley highly."
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 13, 2011
Great cart!
Posted By: Andra Riffle
Location: Rapid City, SD United States
This cart is the best! It is easy to set up and take down. The extra wheels allow the harp to be up at an angle, making it much easier to get my harp through doors quickly by myself.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 12, 2013
Great Cart!
Posted By: Margaret Warczak
Location: Auburn Hills, MI United States
I have used this cart for 20 years, in all situations as well as in the hospital. It has stood up very well, and I will order another one right this minute. One tip: I use "baggie ties" to attach a stainless steel baker's cooling rack to the platform, so harp legs do not slip through and get scratched.Also, when I unload in the hospital parking structure, I notice that all the med vendors stack their boxes on this very same cart, and we roll in together! Thanks, Sylvia!