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4665b - Scarborough Fair sheet music by Deborah Friou

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 27, 2008
Fun to play, haunting
Posted By: Michelle R.
I have been fond of Simon and Garfunkel's version of this traditional tune (which I believe dates back to the 19th century) since I was a child, so I was happy to find this. The arrangement is interesting and engaging, as it starts off in a simple, solemn sort of way and becomes more lush the second time through. This was one of the first more advanced pieces that I learned to play well, although it does feature some right-hand harmonics at the beginning and end of the piece that I found completely maddening a few years ago; at that time I simply played those notes an octave higher (instead of risking that dreaded "click!") and the piece sounded lovely anyway.